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19th January 2012

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"American Loggers" on Discovery →

Issues with this representation & treatment of the environment? I think so…

This show follows a family logging business and each episode shows the struggles they face while clear cutting forests in Norther Maine. Rather than using the program to teach audiences about the danger of these practices, the show frames the family as hard-working and courageous, while asking the audience to sympathize for the and the survival of their business. 

Considering Discovery Channel is quite popular, it does not uses its persuasive power to teach audiences about how they can help to preserve the environment. It appears to have this overall theme of accepting our environment and planet earth is accelerating with dangers that it is at an unstoppable or irreversible point. Thus, rather than educating audiences about sustainability they focus their content on showing human vs. nature themed programs, rather than promoting environmental sustainability. Definitely a prime example of problematic representations of the environment in popular culture, and specifically television.

More blog posts to come on my feelings towards Discovery’s content…

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